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Bad Credit Repair: repair Credit Report and Raise Score.Learn The Secrets To Bad Credit Repair and Raise Your Credit Score Starting Today!

Credit Restoration Services That Really Matter

If you are need financial help, from credit repair to retirement solutions, FDI offers first class services to everyone.  Their goal is to eliminate financial illiteracy and get financial freedom to all.  Sure there is a fee as with any services, but if like the results, you can refer their associates and get compensated for it.Some of their services include CreditTRAX, designed to help you get back on track with settling your unsecured debts and improve your credit score.  EquityTRAX will help ... 2017/11/10

How To Pay Lower Credit Card Interest Rates

If you are the proud or not so proud owner of credit cards, you’ve probably seen the light bulb go off as soon as you saw the promised rate of 8.9% jump to 27.4%!  This is why Americans are up to their necks in credit card debt!  How can that be?  Your credit score will determine what rates you qualify for.  And in the fine print of your credit card company under the “terms and agreement”, is the “Universal Default Penalty” which allows them to increase your interest rates.Most credit card companies... 2017/11/10

How Credit Reporting Affects Loan Qualifications

One of the first things you want to do prior to applying for credit or a loan is to evaluate your credit report. Most consumers can request a copy of their report for free if it hasn’t been ordered within the past year. The main reason for having this initial review is to determine the safeguard and accuracy of the report. Most of us don’t like surprises and we want to be able to detect any inaccuracies in the report ourselves before they are brought to our attention by a mortgage officer or car... 2017/11/10

Getting Rid of Bad FICO Credit Scores

A bad credit score or what we call FICO score can be a huge obstacle when we decide to buy a new car, purchase a new home or shop for the best auto insurance. Since the economic downturn more and more people are finding themselves a bad credit situations. One option available to current home owners is what we call a “bad credit” refinance. By refinancing and paying off credit card debt and other financial obligations can relieve some of the stress associated with financial problems. This can be ... 2017/11/10

Bad Credit Property Mortgages and Loans

Mortgage myths may have been true several years ago, but now we need to sort out these misconceptions and understand why they are called myths today.  Whether you were led to believe these myths because a parent, peer or neighbor had been mislead as well, recent changes in mortgages will dispel any of the myths you were told. 1.  Will my credit score go down if my credit report is pulled often? This might have been truth years ago, but thankfully finance companies understand that people shop around... 2017/11/10

Money Saving Expert

Becoming a money saving expert can help when it comes to keeping clean credit. Most people start getting into financial woes as a result of having to borrow money. It does not take much for your life to spin out of control when you have multiple cash loans, peaked out credit cards and an impulsive spending behavior. This page will provide you with some expert credit tips and money advice that anyone can adopt as a part of their overall strategy for protecting their credit. You will not only find... 2017/11/10

Credit repair