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Who Has Knowledge About Choices To Thwart Foreclosure?

You may not be aware, but there are many options available to you to stop foreclosure. Can bankruptcy prevent a foreclosure? Yes. Can a loan modificationstop foreclosure? Yes. Are there government programs available to stop foreclosure? Yes. Let’s examine each of these options, and which option may be the wisest decision for you.A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop foreclosure, and if you have a 2nd mortgage that values more than your home is worth, there may be an opportunity for the bankruptcy judge... 2017/11/10

Homes Foreclosure Financial Tips and Options

If you are facing possible foreclosure, you want to be aware of your choices and actions you can take to keep a foreclosure from hurting your credit. Bankruptcy, loan modifications and some government programs can stop foreclosures. Knowing your options and weighing the ramifications of each will assist you in making the wisest choice. Let’s look at some of our options in more detail.The most common types of bankruptcy is a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Let’s talk about the Chapter 13. This type of ... 2017/11/10

Getting Rid of Bad FICO Credit Scores

A bad credit score or what we call FICO score can be a huge obstacle when we decide to buy a new car, purchase a new home or shop for the best auto insurance. Since the economic downturn more and more people are finding themselves a bad credit situations. One option available to current home owners is what we call a “bad credit” refinance. By refinancing and paying off credit card debt and other financial obligations can relieve some of the stress associated with financial problems. This can be ... 2017/11/10

Always Be Prepared With A Good Credit Rating

Does having a good credit rating lead to profitable opportunities?  Let’s take a look. The years between 2006 through 2009 were not good for many as the economic recession took its toll on many people in the United States and beyond.  Millions of Americans lost their life savings in the stock market, which then had a catastrophic domino effect with the banking institutions.Then came the disastrous sub prime real estate market decline which took all of us in a downward spiral spin and resulted... 2017/11/10

Home Mortgage Refinancing and Good Credit

Did you know that your mortgage loan can be modified with new terms and the results are new payments you can afford?  This is called a “mortgage mod”, typically called a “loan re-workings”, and can be a permanent change in one or more of the terms in your mortgage agreement.This is not a refinance and doesn’t require a certain fair Isaac score, as it is not even taken into consideration.  Your mortgage company may perform an inspection of your property to verify that the property has no physical... 2017/11/10

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