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Credit Repair After Foreclosure

Your Can Get Your Life Back In Order with Foreclosure Credit RepairIf a foreclosure is not enough to have to live through, it would seem like banks are penalizing your for having to go through hard times and losing your property.  I personally know how you feel.  You may have recently gone through a foreclosure on your home or property and now you a looking to escape the 7 year penalty that is on your credit report.I have good news for you. A real estate foreclosure does not have to stand in your... 2017/11/10

Credit Repair After Bankruptcy

Is Bankruptcy Credit Repairing The Answer To Moving Forward In Life?Credit repair after bankruptcy should start immediately after your filing is complete.A bankruptcy can be devastating you’re your credit and can stay on your credit report for 7 years or more.  It can almost crimple your life when it comes to applying for a loan of any kind.  Ask anyone that has ever tried to get a loan with a bankruptcy on their credit report and they will tell you hard how it has made their life. The circumstances... 2017/11/10

Credit Letters

Filling Out Credit Repair Letters and Dispute FormsThe process of restoring your credit back to excellence involves submitting a series of credit repair letters in a proper sequence.  These letters are the key to getting results and will ultimately determine if you will get bad judgments erased from your credit score.Submitting these credits forms incorrectly can actually do more harm than good.Most people are not familiar with the process of fixing your credit.  They do a little research, write... 2017/11/10

Credit Restoration Services That Really Matter

If you are need financial help, from credit repair to retirement solutions, FDI offers first class services to everyone.  Their goal is to eliminate financial illiteracy and get financial freedom to all.  Sure there is a fee as with any services, but if like the results, you can refer their associates and get compensated for it.Some of their services include CreditTRAX, designed to help you get back on track with settling your unsecured debts and improve your credit score.  EquityTRAX will help ... 2017/11/10

Getting Rid of Bad FICO Credit Scores

A bad credit score or what we call FICO score can be a huge obstacle when we decide to buy a new car, purchase a new home or shop for the best auto insurance. Since the economic downturn more and more people are finding themselves a bad credit situations. One option available to current home owners is what we call a “bad credit” refinance. By refinancing and paying off credit card debt and other financial obligations can relieve some of the stress associated with financial problems. This can be ... 2017/11/10

How To Repair Your Credit Score

If you have very poor credit at some point you are going to know how to repair your credit scores in an efficient way that gets results. Your credit score matters a great deal in the financial world. The pinch of having a low credit in the United States can sting a lot as each year 10’s of thousand of families’ find they are unable to qualify for loans and other financial resources.  Low credit scores brought on because of late fees and unpaid debt makes a person’s life unnecessarily hard. There... 2017/11/10

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