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Remove Charge Offs

How To Remove Charge Offs From Your Credit Report And Increase Your Credit Score Dramatically!I never realize how fast your credit score increases as a result of having charge-offs removed.  You may not realize it but your scores increase immensely as each ding is removed.What is the meaning of a debt or credit charge off?This is a term that banks and creditors use to define a debt that can’ be collected.  When a charge off is issued against any of your outstanding bills and debts, this does not... 2017/11/10

How To Pay Lower Credit Card Interest Rates

If you are the proud or not so proud owner of credit cards, you’ve probably seen the light bulb go off as soon as you saw the promised rate of 8.9% jump to 27.4%!  This is why Americans are up to their necks in credit card debt!  How can that be?  Your credit score will determine what rates you qualify for.  And in the fine print of your credit card company under the “terms and agreement”, is the “Universal Default Penalty” which allows them to increase your interest rates.Most credit card companies... 2017/11/10

How To Repair Your Credit Score

If you have very poor credit at some point you are going to know how to repair your credit scores in an efficient way that gets results. Your credit score matters a great deal in the financial world. The pinch of having a low credit in the United States can sting a lot as each year 10’s of thousand of families’ find they are unable to qualify for loans and other financial resources.  Low credit scores brought on because of late fees and unpaid debt makes a person’s life unnecessarily hard. There... 2017/11/10

What Is An Oustanding Credit Card Offer?

As consumers, we receive credit card offers from companies all the time. If you absolutely think you need a credit card, then you want to be sure you make your selection wisely before applying.Credit card companies have a variety of choices for the consumer when applying for credit. Some have higher APR (Annual Percentage Rate) but usually come with higher credit limits. Some might require to be paid in full each month but have a substantial penalty in not paid in full each month. Some offer cash... 2017/11/10

Home Mortgage Refinancing and Good Credit

Did you know that your mortgage loan can be modified with new terms and the results are new payments you can afford?  This is called a “mortgage mod”, typically called a “loan re-workings”, and can be a permanent change in one or more of the terms in your mortgage agreement.This is not a refinance and doesn’t require a certain fair Isaac score, as it is not even taken into consideration.  Your mortgage company may perform an inspection of your property to verify that the property has no physical... 2017/11/10

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