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Remove Charge Offs


How To remove charge offs From Your credit report And Increase Your credit Score Dramatically!

I never realize how fast your credit score increases as a result of having charge-offs removed.  You may not realize it but your scores increase immensely as each ding is removed.

What is the meaning of a debt or credit charge off?

This is a term that banks and creditors use to define a debt that can’ be collected.  When a charge off is issued against any of your outstanding bills and debts, this does not mean you are free from the debt

Any outstanding account balances you may have incurred are turned over to ruthless collections agencies and debt collectors who take over the responsibility of collecting any unpaid debts you may owe.

Even though the Federal Government heavily regulates the collections profession under the Fair debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), collection companies still use questionable strategies ad tactics to get unpaid balances from debtors.

They ay use tactics as: 

  • Making harassing and embarrassing telephone calls to your home or place of work.

  • Using harassing, threatening and intimidating language over the phone and by mail.

  • Contact your friends, family members, and co-workers seeking personal information on you.

  • Issue threatening remarks such as illegitimate incarceration or jail time.

  • Claiming to be attorneys or representatives of the legal court system.

These are just a few that you may have already encountered. 

You don’t have to put up with this type of harassing behavior.  There are solutions that can help you remove charge offs from your account so you can start living and breathing again.  Your life will take on a whole new sense again when your credit report is cleaned.

As long as you have bad accounts on your credit history, they will continually affect you in negative ways.  It is estimated that nearly 30% – 35% of your current score is based on your payment history. 

Having unpaid charge offs filed against you on your report tells potential lenders and creditors that you are not able to faithfully pay your accounts.  This will result in an increase in interest rates on any current loan you may have, keep you from getting a new home loan, prevent you from refinancing your existing mortgage at a lower interest rate, and keep you from getting a loan for a car or anything else.

How To remove charge offs:

If you are going to do it yourself, the process of getting them removed can be very frustrating and time consuming.  In fact, if you are not knowledgeable of the laws governing consumer right and credit, I strongly suggest you turn it over to a team of professionals that will fight in your corner.

They will get the results you desire when nothing else can.  The company I recommend is Lexington Law.  They can help you clean any charge offs from your account and get your credit history into lending shape again.

Erase charge offs from your credit report with Lexinton Law.  They really can help you.


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